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The Water Strider

The Water Strider is a fascinating insect that seems to have the ability to walk on water; skimming across the surface with apparent agility and speed. Research by scientists Xuefeng Gao and Lei Jiang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found that this is because the Water Strider’s legs are covered by microscopic hairs that trap tiny air bubbles, which allows the insect to float on the water. They are trying to replicate this in their design of water resistant textiles for the future.

I am a little bit like the Water Strider in my (so far) brief journey into blogging and social media. Not in it’s agility and speed part, or the hairy legs for that matter, but in the skirting across the surface thing. I have yet to delve beyond the shallows into the depth’s of the great lake of social media. But I  am looking forward to continuing the journey.