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Turned on the telly

Mornings are time of subdued panic in my household. It involves getting the family up and organised, fed and off to respective work and school. So I don’t usually get the opportunity to tune in to early morning TV. But this morning I did. And what should I hear on the local breakfast entertainment show but an item on social media as part of the workplace. Specifically, it was looking at social networking sites such as Facebook.

The upshot was that young people (Gen Y ) today need the internet as part of their daily life and that digital technology is completely natural to them. Older folk while they may not understand this need to accept it.  Social networking is considered a necessary tool in the workplace.  It provides the opportunity for the business to monitor what people  (customer’s, potential customers, colleagues and anyone else) are thinking right now. It can be used to help problem solve and as a source of creative ideas. A business just needs to learn how to use it effectively and collaboratively. Yep… it is a topical subject.

You can check out the TVNZ Breakfast item in full on Social Media part of a Day’s Work.