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Advice, Tips, Myths and Mistakes

The Net abounds with advice on how best to use social media to help generate new business opportunities. It almost seems as though those people who first embraced the technology have used it to generate business themselves, offering an abundance of advice of what to do and what not to do to those who have not been so quick …those of us who are late adopters.

For example, Entrepreneur Magazine  has a links through to social media consultant-types who are happy to share offerings, such as:-

  • Chris Wallace’s Five Myths About Social Media  (March 16, 2012). He provides his take on such musings as: social media being a waste of time; that it will not affect a businesses bottom line; that it is too complicated and time consuming; and that nobody cares about you have to say. These myths “should be put to rest” say Chris, and gives his reasons why.
  • Starr Hall’s The Top Five Social Media Mistakes  (August 2,2011). Starr suggests that use of social media costs a business both in time and money and these can be mitigated by avoiding mistakes, such as: – business owners one-way talk (they need to encourage two-way conversations); knowing when to ask for business (build some rapport, then ask); shiny object syndrome (review new happenings online without being distracted by the flashy stuff); poor messaging (sure, inject humour into postings but remember to highlight your brand image); and sales faux pas (share the pros and cons of your industry, not how much your product or service costs).

All good common sense  stuff… Tips and advice come from other sources too.

Manas Kumar in an article in  NZ Management Magazine (2009, Vol. 5, Issue 9. p. 4) offered Ten Top Tips on how business can use social media: –

  1. Define your reason to be on social networks – it is not suitable for everyone.
  2. Select which platform to use – match the one that is most popular  for your target market.
  3. Develop a strategy
  4. Pull together the resources needed
  5. Track and measure your performance
  6. Do not make assumptions – allow time for social media traffic to produce results before making major changes
  7. Experience it yourself – get on in there
  8. Keep an open mind to suggestions
  9. Build a community, not a sales channel; and above all else
  10. Do it with integrity.

Ten Pieces of Advice comes from Kaplan and Haeniein (2010) in Users of the world, unite! The challenges and the opportunities of Social Media. They make five points about using media. These are choose media carefully (what is your target group?);  buy your application (or make it if the right one is not available right now); ensure activity alignment (check your combination works i.e social networking, blogs and content communities); plan media integration (mix it up with tradition media); and ensure access for all (no blocks). Five points to follow about being social:-

active, interesting, humble, unprofessional and honest.


Of course these are just a few tasters of the social media advice available to business. There are an infinite number more just a Google  search away.