It’s all about the relationships

Social media, as I am learning, can be about organisations facilitating conversations.

Kaplan and Haenien (2010) in Users of the world, unite! The challenges and the opportunities of Social Media talk about collaboration projects where the joint effort of many contributors leads to a better outcome than any one person can achieve individually. Sounds a bit like ‘many hands make light work’ to me. Online encyclopedia Wikipedia is, in my opinion, an excellent example of a collaborative effort.

Blogs (of which I am writing one right now) are more and more being used by companies to update employee customers and other stakeholders on anything they think is important  within the business. It’s  about good governance, transparency and building relationships… It throws traditional top-down directive lines of communication into disarray (hopefully in a good way). Everyone has a say.s,

With customers, it is less about marketing strategies to sell a service or product and more about asking and listening and working with those customers.

Hugh  McLeod (2005) introduced the porous membrane that creates an environment of direct communication between all parties . Check it out in  the porous membrane: why corporate blogging works. | gapingvoid.
As Niall  Cook  (2008, Enterprise 2.0) quotes Doc Sears from an interview  for software company SAP:
The walls of business will come down. That’s the main efeect of the Net itself. Companies are people and are learning to adapt to a world where everybody is connected, everybody contributes, and everybody is zero distance (or close enough) from everybody else.
So it’ all about the relationships. This has all got to be a good thing… doesn’t it?

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